Monday, May 11, 2009

We went bowling and jason got drunk, and fuck cake.

Day 3, Jason had to go to work, so Aska and i spent the day hanging out. i THINK, we went out to lunch with Slim, and got some asian noodles again, then Aska and i had a Tea party and made cake. and later we all went bowling...

Blender action!

Aska has a sweet goggle tan.

its like one of those Magic Eye books from the 4th grade.

and one more, this one is my cake, the test cake.

Bowling time!

Jason gettn' it!

I got a Dyer...

the White Ape.

thats what you think it is.

Aska doesn't like it when i take pictures of her..

things started to get a little blurry as the night went on..




the end!

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