Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's an amazing 68 degrees out, just ate some lunch and now on the couch watching tv and eating candy. Still can't wait for next week. Today is a good day. See you soon south lake.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Jess sent me this picture. Note the fine art in the background.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

next week

SF, and Giants vs A's game.

This week Womens ride day...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Jason and aska took Henrey to bodega and sent me this picture.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Milo. Man Day

Milo. day is a day where they close the shop to go ride at Kirkwood. i was nice enough to get an invite to this so here it is...

Blurry early morning drive down to sac.

The long road...

We Devour...

We Devour Kirkwood.

Tim in full effect!


George brought the donuts!

The muddiest parking lot ever...

and us walking though it...

George's ride.

Drew and i are brothers from another mother...

Jason Blogging...

Shootn' the shit.

Quiver killers...

Kid was rocking a sick board..

Tim again...

"im going to take a picture on every chair lift."- Jason

Standard snowboard shot.


Heading over to the traverse


Schfack listens to NWA

do you see what i see?

Wilmoth putting down the landing gear.. bad photo timing by me.

the view

the crew

typical jason

don't fuck with us.

drew being... drew?


the long road home...


Intermission between posts to post this... so sick. Brain Anderson


Last week i went down to fresno for a demo, and to see jess for a belated birthday trip.

it was a mellow drive down there, and once we got there we headed straight for John's Incredible Pizza.
Some Peanut butter pizza...

Getting my pizza on..

Then we played some games and won some tickets...

We won some tickets.

Ski ball!!!

Green screen!

The next day we went snowboarding up at China Peak.

Kody getting his stuff into the truck

Jess on the phone trying to get her snowboard pants...

After we got Jess's pants we made it up there... i think i slept most of the way up there.

Kody feels right at home on the chair lifts...

they scare the shit out of me..

even jess doesn't mind the lifts... shes texting. *sorry for the grey arm in the pic, i wasn't going to let go.

We meet up with Joey and took a few laps, then he tried to do a double back flip...

he didn't land it, but it was cool.

This fool was straight running a cd player in his jacket.

Goodbye China Peak...

Kody has a huge fucking shirt.

We went out to Tower district that night for some Thai food, what turned out to be just the 2 of us turned out to be like the 8 of us. such fun times though, here we have Joey and Rubby, they ate tacos before they came...

Chris all up in that game on TV, i think it was basketball...

then joey took the camera and started taking some pictures because we were talking about cameras.

Joey and Rubby's faret or however you spell that shit...

Money bags!!!

Ate some chicken pad goodness..

i guess i made a mess when i ate....

then every one made fun of my mess...

so i put this sticker on Jess's head...

Next we walked across the street to this bar to hang out and we ate nachos...

i jumped in a puddle and got jess all wet. i stayed dry some how.


im out...

The next day i woke up early and drove back up to China Peak
you go through the country to get out there...

Getting shit going for the demo

Horror scope pow day

Chris and Darren stoked to go ride some pow.

Darrem took us to some dope pillow lines.
JP was hung over and made the mistake of getting on the chair with Adam and i, we poked him and tried to get him to puke the whole way up on the chair lift...