Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A mix tape about nothing.

Just like the great TV show, Seinfeld, this mix tape mixes rap, and some of those classic 90s beats from the show.  go listen, and click hurrrrrrrr.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Times are tough...

And finding jobs is even tougher.  IF things go to carp for me, i think i found my new job, and a photographer.  Not of family christmas pictures, or nature but i feel it is my civic duty to to capture the love, the pain, and the passion of sports, or just the cheer leaders.  This photographer has to be stoked, next best thing to doing porn?  Sweet.

This Sucks.

But its cool, i could live with never seeing a SB-double-corked-whoopty-do again.  thanks rice for taking one for the team.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

just Eatn some yellow snow...

To buy these boots, go to milo. check here.
AND, check out Arbito, for the dope art work.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back from Break.

So, i spent the weekend over at my friend Jason Watson's house.  He works at the good shop in Lafayette called Milo. Sport.
I didn't  take any pictures, because i don't have a digital camera.  Long story short, i logged (no pun intended) some entries into my new Poo Log (still no pun), that i got from Jason for Christmas.  Its cool.  We also ate some Pineapple Pepperoni pizza, and a shit ton of candy.  It was a typical weekend at The Watson House....  Oh yeah, and we also watched Wrestle Mania 3, that shit was dope, Andre The Giant Vs. Hulk Hogan, Midget Wrestling, shit was dope.  and not to mention Macho Man.
But watch this video...  oh and "hillbilly Jim" kinda looks like Big Jim from Ride snowboard.

ALSO, it was Aska's birthday.... but i will save that for another time....