Monday, May 11, 2009

Pubic Fleas...

so like 3 weeks ago, i went down to hang out with Jason, we did some fun stuff, and im just now getting the pictures up, so here is day 2, we basicly woke up and then drove down the cost to hang out with big Jim, our Ride and Ambiguous guy, he just moved into his new showroom/house in Half Moon bay and had Uber fleas. i felt bad and thought i had fleas. so, here are the pictures, were going to do a photo recap of the day....

We stopped off at the Pork Store for breakfast... and Jason wanted a morning Beer.

And biscuits and gravy and the 49'er breakfast.

... I ate way to much...

we tried to find Japan Town... but we did not.


Jason almost hit these people crossing to go to the beach.

on the road from Pacifica to Half Moon Bizay.

The home/Office/Show room of Jim "Grizzly Adams" Lindburg.

"i think my girlfriend hates me, there is no surf, im broke, trying to move, and i think i have atleast one to two million fleas..."

Jim is the proud owner of Satan's Rice Cooker.
its good people...

oh there real... get yours now!

This dude brings you luck.

We hit traffic on the way back home.

The best driving school in the bay.

Later bitches, no more traffic for us!


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