Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ROME Pre-Jib @ Boreal now!

So...break out your shred sticks for the Rome Snowboards Premature Jibulation this Saturday, November 29, 2008. Entry is free, and it begins at 10am. Under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a liability form.
You can download a form from RideBoreal. com.

For questions please email .. ridercouncil@romesnowboards.com..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


CAPiTA Super Scary Corporation, and the Artist known as Mad Steeze has teamed up to do some board graphics for this year.  Im sure you have seen them in the shops, but i feel there dope.

Food Court Gansta' and the Queen of Weens.

Queen of Weens.  This also, just so happens to be the board of choice by one Dustin "Wild child" Craven, peep it.

and my personal favorite, the Food Court Gansta's.  Buy them here.

To: Jason Watson.

This made me laugh, the dude just takes a bottle to the dome, what else could be more entertaining?  Hearing "FUCK" while watching a sharks game with Jason.

artsy fartsy.

Farting around on the internet when i ran into this.  Click HERE to get the low down.  I think its a dope picture of Photoshop, but in person.  Godbless those little Japanese dudes who made this.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where have we been?!

like i said, im slacking over here.

you missed POW hiking, with Woolymamm, Schopes, and Johnny D.
it was a fun time, and the snow was good.  i personaly didn't bring a camera, but if  you go over here. you can read the full, better post.  HERE

Monday, November 3, 2008

Union Shop Kid!

At first when i heard the shop kid bindings were the Datas, i was kind of bummed.  I was hoping they would be Forces again, or even Contacts.  Im kind of skeptical on the graphics of the bindings, but after lurking around on the internet, i saw these pictures, and well, they look better in person then on paper.  There dope none the less.

Click here to peep the goods.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


this is a KILLER shot of a sweet pair of Union Contacts.  You can buy those Contacts here.
Tons of "industry firsts" on this binding, light weight, and to top it off 19% of the binding touches the board.
if you have questions head over to NCP Sales.
I think its Scott Stevens in the pic, but im not sure.
Down town throw down? found over at YoBeat 


Whos flown' this kid?  K2 Board with Rome bindings?!  But such a mean press, i like his style.
Picture found over at Youbeat

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Road time.

this Tuesday i went on the road with that hairy dude over at N C P Snails....  (just kidding chris) but the day went like this...

drove, drove, drove, stopped and took a call, i thought we were getting fire works... drove more, ate tacos. drove, stopped, then drove more, got gas, and candy, then drove and got food in chico, and did a clinic then drove home.  there was also farted, ate cookies, and seeds.

it was a long fun day, and we forgot to take pics.


For those of you who dont know what skype is go read some Wiki.  BUT regardless, i spend some quality time with my friend Jason, who was spending after hours at his place of work, Milo Sport, helping build a window with his girl.  anyways, we talked, we farted, we talked about butt pimples, and ate candy.  It was a good hour well spent.  i did manage to snag these shots of jason...   ok so the shots aren't up loading, and the intent is being bullshit. but i will post this.
poop dance.

thats Jason, mid and i quote "poop dance"


What exactly is VideoGrass?!  I'm not sure, but i know that it is going to be sick for sure.  if you want more information, shoot over hear and read a bout it.  What i do know, is that its a new film company, that is going to make a video that will shit your pants.  grab some TP, and shoot over here.
'010 couldn't come any faster?