Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Facebook X Snowboarding


Stop talking about how good you are, or that "big hand rail i just hit bro" and just shut your mouth and go ride.

few things to note...

the BNMxCAPiTAxSKINNER auction still has some days left on it, it ends on Nov. 13th, the friday the 13th..
for more information or to place a bid contact Boards N Motion at 530.888.7873 or email Wendy at and also check it out on Snowboarder Mags web site HERE.

other things along the lines of Friday the 13th, is the Sundance Jib Festival with $500 for top snowboarder. so bring your A game and get ready to have some fun, and get to jib around for a chance to win $500 thats alota beer or candy money!

Milo. Sport Video @ Fudruckers, always fun, and always trouble! Two great videos, Videograss, and a local one Happy meals will be playing, those kid works hard to put the video out, i laughed i cryed it was good, and i also hear maybe a secret showing of the Airblaster Movie.

and next up is 5th annual Parking Lot Jib Jam, the Boardroom at Herb Bauers. its going to be a fun time, and good friends. so mark sat november 7th on your calendars, for more information call 559.435.8600

Monday, October 26, 2009

im fucking...

blowing it with the blog lately... i need to do a legit post.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

milo video.

be there or i will kick you in the ass. one of the best nights of the year. don't miss it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The hills+Snowboarding

= This gay shit. thanks MTV Canada, but some how i can't stop watching....
john and i went out to this "party". on the way out to said "party" we drive past a string of what looked like to be 34 cones in a row. i hit a few and we laughed really hard at this. so we went to this party and it sucked, 3 bros playing beer bong, my 4'7" friend, and her bitchy friend. so we say hi hang out for a sec then bounce, john and i laughed super hard about the cones, so we ended up doing this.

to Eric Isenberg, the Mervin sub guy. the end, because im out of candy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

to: Colin Bruns

Keep rolln' little buddy.

balln' on a budget.

so far in the last month i have probably eaten 5 of them well 5 as of today, for a $1 you can't beat it with a stick. the jack in the box "Big cheese burger".

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"aren't you that guy that works at milo?"

is the name for Jason's new blog. its got alot of substance.

in case you didn't know..

this blog is not safe for work, and i don't use spell check.

Jason and Aska's!!!!

i did a super Lurky trip down to jason and aska's for a friday and thursday.. of course i didn't take any pictures, because i don't own a camera... but here is guna be a picture post anyway of those 2 days... Thanks Google.

the first day i forgot what we did...
oh yeah...
we ate dinner at Fudruckers... i had chicken nuggers.

then we went to Target...
we got Boo Berry Cereal, and jason kicked me in the tattoo.

Back to Jason and Aska's for AIRBLASTER video preview...

The next day i kicked it at Milo.
then aska picked me up and we went to Ikea, i proceeded to eat more chicken nuggets, and make fun of the asian people there.

back to milo then aska took me to skate this...

then back to jason and aska's for swedish meatballs with paul and mi mi.

and thats a wrap bitch!


So lately i have been getting a ton of crap about my blog sucking. you don't post enugh. you post to many pictures. blah blah blah here is an example...
"dude, your blog needs help. It is drowning in a sea of bordom
if this post does deliver, i am taking it off my toolbar."

so, on a lighter note, people also give me shit about my diet. you eat to much candy. you eat to much of this and not enugh of that. what made me realize my diet was the other week i was in the truck with wilmoth for a few days, and consumed a shit ton of food...

-1 Tacos Jaliscos veggie burrito.
-2 cookies from next door
-1 Awful awful and as much frys as i could eat.
the next day it was
-2 tacos from Baja Fresh.
-McDonalds for lunch.
not to mention a cup of coffee, soda and water consumed throughout the day.

now what brings me to this. i guess thats alot of food for the "average person" to be eating. well not this kid that is "average". i guess im just a hungry child that needs to be fed.. alot...
BUT it comes down to this...
back in the 90s, the food pyramid lookd like this...

and thats what i was raised on...
then some time in the '00s they changed it to this...

so now i forgot what i was guna say, but my point is, keep feeding me, im still hungry.