Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who the fuck are you?!

im sitting here at my computer and i get a random txt from a number i don't know and it goes like this...

Them: So i hear you got passed off to the big fat friend.
Me: Who is this?
Me: Really who the fuck is this?
them: Fuck you, i sent a message to the wrong number asshole.
me: sorry fucker.
them: fuck you you fuckning prick
me: i hope you get hit by a car fuck face.
them: Thats nice...

so, long story short, if you send a txt to the wrong person, don't be a dick about it and don't call me an asshole and a fuck for asking who the fuck is this? i didn't even call him a fucker, i just wanted to know who the number was, so when you fuck up don't get all mad. go eat a dick and play in traffic, the persons number is 1.916.759.2719 incase any one wants to call them.

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