Sunday, March 29, 2009

Milo Day.

First off, i would like to officaly say that "im blowing it". not going to lie, i have done some fun shit this winter, and i have no pictures to show for it, just google images, shitty cell phone pictures, and other peoples pictures. So here comes another post with stolen pictures.... I now give you Milo Day...
Woke up early and drove down to Sac to meet Chris.
Drove to Kirkwood, and after waiting about an hour to get tickets, and almost shitting my pants we were good.
we cruzed around the hill....
(Jason, Adam, And i)

(the, as George kept sayn "new zeland" style T Bar)

Then we went to the bar, where we saw some sweet lesbo 80s hair cuts, fell of chairs, and ate more donuts.
(Family photo, NCP Sales,,Tim, Adam,George, The waffle house and donut, then Jason)

Then after a few drinks we went out and tried to go snowboarding again...
(Red Bush, Tim, and Donut George)

Then after that we drove to george's sweet ass house, where we ate some Lasagna and hung out then headed home...
on the drive home we listened to some sweeet ass 80s tunes.

so then i called it a day.
big shout outs to Jason, Tim, and Adam from Milo. check out there sweetass web site
George from Milo. as well, for the sweet donuts, the traverses, and for calling me a girl.
and last but not least, Chris "cab 5" Wilmoth from NCP, for putting up with my farts, all the shit i give him, and dealing with/driving my ass around. thank you. see you at the next Milo Day.

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