Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Milo. Man Day

Milo. day is a day where they close the shop to go ride at Kirkwood. i was nice enough to get an invite to this so here it is...

Blurry early morning drive down to sac.

The long road...

We Devour...

We Devour Kirkwood.

Tim in full effect!


George brought the donuts!

The muddiest parking lot ever...

and us walking though it...

George's ride.

Drew and i are brothers from another mother...

Jason Blogging...

Shootn' the shit.

Quiver killers...

Kid was rocking a sick board..

Tim again...

"im going to take a picture on every chair lift."- Jason

Standard snowboard shot.


Heading over to the traverse


Schfack listens to NWA

do you see what i see?

Wilmoth putting down the landing gear.. bad photo timing by me.

the view

the crew

typical jason

don't fuck with us.

drew being... drew?


the long road home...

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