Monday, January 11, 2010

Drum sticks.

Last tuesday to get my self out of a funk i decided to go down to jason and askas. first i went down to sac and help out chris out, getting some stuff done for the WWSRA show going on this week... so here we go...

There are no pictures from wilmoths.. you wish you could see it..

Going over the bridge, it was foggy..

Aska and i got noodles... we ate them all and were still hungry..

...Then we waited for jason and Adam...

I saw this girl while waiting so i had to take a picture... i mean really?

Aska has alota shit in her purse...

Hello Adam...

Jason getting shaved...

Jasons not wearing pants...

heres the proof... aska took these.. hahaha


Day 2.

Started it out legit...

Aska doing aska things, and mike doing mike things..


Thge Triple Rock

She didn't want me to blog this but i did it anyways... sorry..

a gallon of beer for jason..

mike making is ice cream fate...

Aska Gettn' it.

Hello Drew, are those new shoes???

Goodby Aska!

Goodby Jason!!

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