Tuesday, April 21, 2009

26 and a fourth.

i headed down to the bay, to hang out with jason, and aska.

I spent the night at jason's, and we watched Back to the Future.
... Jason had to go to work, so Aska and I went down to the South Bay, we went and got Ramen, then hit up the sweet 99 Yen store. later we met up with JB, and Dyer. after that we headed back home. Now less talk, and more Pictures.

Crunky Bar and after noon coffee.

this man is, JB, your Northern California, Famous Stars and Straps Representative, and #1 fan of the chocolate ice cream cone.

This is Jason Dyer... Dyker? No its Dyer, well, anways this is JB's, boss. He was in town to hang out with JB, they have a "Special" relationship (see the picture of JB). He is also from NH, so he can't read very well, and i guess also has a Tramp Stamp Tattoo on his lower back, and 2 lap dogs... According to Aska.

Classic dyer...

this cat is named "Pooches" or as jason likes to call him, Wiener Cat, he weighs alot, and doesn't groom him self, so you can vacuum the cat.

this is footy and i, hes just Awesome.

... More to come tomorrow, as i go to work with Jason.

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aska said...

SHE IS THE BEST CAT EVER!!! Don't hate on pooches!!! Only awesome posts about her!