Saturday, February 7, 2009


I woke up at about 2:30 today, and did the dailys.  Woke up, brushed my teeth, cleaned my room a little, ate some candy.  lit of some fire works, you know, the typical saturday afternoonish....  I decided to go down to Roseville and run some errands that i have been putting off.  So i went down to Heritage to say hi to Nikki, and tell her that i still havn't put music on her ipod.  
i guess the point of the story here, is that im a slacker, and that its fun to talk to Gregggggg.
If you don't know Gregg, hes a rad dude.  He enjoys a nice pair of jeans, sweeet asian hair, and im sure he likes food as well.
We got to talking about his Blog, the Daily.  (check it out, theres some sweet shit on there) oh yeah, and they also got some good looking interns down there, a for sure plus.  ANYWAYS, he said that he was a follower of the Wa'Fool House, and that made my day.  Oh yeah, i also picked up this sweet Nomis Hoodie (this little dogger). so i guess what im trying to say, is that you should go say hi to Gregg, and if you bug him enugh, he might just make a post about you on his BLOG, called The Daily.   oh yeah, i also took this sweet picture when he wasn't looking hahah.

Oh, and this post just made Wa'Fool House history, as the longest post, EVER, note that EVER.  One more time... EVER!

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Heritage said...

I look like I'm fat and balding.